What to Include in a LinkedIn Company Page

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One of the advantages of being on LinkedIn is being able to create a company page. Similar to Facebook, this page can be used by companies as their mini-website where they can share updates on your organization and product offerings. It is a great way to establish your reputation and build trust with existing and potential clients.

A company page can only be found by searching for it through the search box at the top of the page or via the Companies link on the top toolbar. LinkedIn company pages also show up in Google search results.

The best way to utilize a LinkedIn company page is to post status updates on a regular basis. You can share news about your company, product releases, promotions and other relevant news in your specific industry.

Another way to connect with your followers is by sending messages and links to articles and videos directly to them. All members can view your updates, share them and like them.

What to Include in a Company Page

To make sure that your company page attracts more people, Here are some important information you need to include to make sure that people interested in knowing you and your business get the right details from your LinkedIn page.

Company overview. Provide a brief description of your company and the employees who work for you. It is also possible to show the blog posts of your business on the Home tab.

Company specialties. This is where you include the specific services your business offers. It is a great way to let people know what you actually do. You can simply provide a list of your specialties.

Careers. If you have a need for a staff, the careers is the section where your job openings will show. You will have to buy a Silver or Gold Career page if you want to add more details about your company culture, feature top employees and create targeted messaging to prospective job applicants.

Showcase page. You can create a showcase page within your LinkedIn company page. Use this to feature your products or services. Take note that you can create a showcase page for each of your product or service and include specific descriptions, features, images, videos and special offers.

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