How to Make Sure Everyone’s on the Same Page at Your Company

This is even more of a problem during times of great stress, growth, or other types of major change. One tool you can use to overcome this not-on-the-same-page problem is to create a brief summary of your company, a Company Overview.

This brief overview of the company can help create a more consistent and higher quality experience for customers as they interact with people at your company. It can also increase employees’ understanding and pride in the company they work for. The Company Profile can also be an important tool to managers and employees to discuss the value of employees’ work in creating company success.

As you create the Company Overview, you may discover strengths you hadn’t fully recognized or appreciated. You’re also likely to see areas where the company can improve. If you’re thinking about creating a Company Overview for your organization, plan to gather and include information such as the following:

Who We Are and Why We Exist

– What is your company’s purpose, or the primary reason it exists?
– What is are you trying to accomplish, and for whom?
– What is your company’s vision of the future it is trying to create for itself?
– What is your company culture?
– What are your company values, or guiding principles and behaviors?
– What are your organization’s core competencies, or primary strengths? How do they relate to being able to fulfill your mission?

Our Customers and What They Want From Us

– Who are your primary customer segments? What do they need and expect from you?
– What are the main products and services you offer customers?
– How do you provide your products and services to customers?
– How do you provide customer support to customers who need it?
– How do you use feedback from customers to continually improve your products, services and support?

Our Company and Its Competitors

– What is your competitive position in your market?
– Who are your primary competitors now?
– What are the principal factors that drive success for your company, compared to its competitors?
– What are the major changes that affect your competitive position?

Our Resources and Governance

– What are the primary groups of employees in your company?
– What are the primary motivators that draw each group to your organization, and engage them in supporting your mission?
– Where the key benefits you provide employees?
– What are your main facilities, technologies and equipment?
– What is the regulatory environment under which your company operates?
– Are there any occupational health and safety regulations that govern your company?
– Are there certification or registration requirements, industry standards, environmental, financial, and product regulations with which you must comply?
– What is your organizational structure and governance system? What are the primary reporting relationships between your senior leadership, board, and parent organization, if you have one?

Who We Work With

– What are your key types of suppliers, partners, and other collaborators?
– What role does each of these groups play in your company’s success?
– What are the primary ways you communicate with customers, suppliers, and other key stakeholders?

Our Challenges and Strengths

– What are the primary challenges and advantages your company has now?
– How do you monitor and improve performance at your company?
– What are your key business, operational and human resource challenges and advantages?
– What are the key challenges and advantages for your company with respect to organizational sustainability?
– How do you monitor, manage and improve your company and its products and services?

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